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Senior Centers

Room with furniture and a large windowCustomer Service First. Construction Service Second… We understand how important your residence is to you and we never lose focus of that.

Nearly 10 years of experience in Senior living renovation projects. This experience is how we developed the systems and understanding we have for this market.

The right tools for the job. We use all HEPA equipment. We only use HEPA approved equipment with dust extraction vacuums. Air scrubbers and plastic containment are always used.

Budget: We are always evaluating a project for value engineering. We work to make sure your budget goes as far as possible. We are pricing experts that work with financial models to determine project budgets.

Schedule. U.S. Home Services understands how important it is to complete construction projects as quickly as possible.

Planning and design. We can provide complete planning and design services. We can create the design to keep your facilities current with today’s trends and functional and safe for the residence.

Understanding of clients needs. Reduce timeline: By spending more time planning and evaluating the job. Evaluating the scope of work for problems that could delay timelines and add cost to the budget. One of our top goals is to limit the disruption to the quality of life for your residents by reducing timelines, maintaining safe work environments and using professional team members.

Strategic partner. Whether you are looking for a team of professionals to manage one project or to manage capital improvements’ for years s to come the U.S. Home Services Team is ready to provide services beyond ordinary.

Team effort!!!

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